Hide-and-Seek Gallery

View just a few of the pictures of children who received the game, "Help Me Find My Keys, Please!" since this store opened mid-November.

What fun to play a hide-and-seek game! Toddlers and adults can play this together.

I found the key! Help Me Find My Keys Please game

Hide-and-Seek, I found the key!

Playing Hide-and-Seek

Having fun playing Help Me Find My Keys game!

Everyone can play and learn with Help Me Find My Keys, Please game

I found the key! Help Me Find My Keys, Please! game

A HUGE thank-you to the parents for allowing and giving us permission us to post these images and videos! If you would like to share the joy in playing this game, please send your pictures and videos to candace@c-kerllc.com. In order to be displayed on our website, please also include your express permission to use the image and/or videos.